Temples inside Puri Town
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Temples outside of Puri

Chakra Nursingha / Chakratirtha Temple

Towards the northern end of the Puri town on the beach is the temple of chakra Nrusingha, where Chakra, the devine weapon of Lord Visnu or Jagannath is being worshipped. The image of Nursingha is circled with a ring close by in a modern structure is the representation of the celestial wheel, Chkranarayana. This area is also known as Chakratirtha. It is believed that the 'divine log of wood' (Daru) touched the ground for the first time coming through the sea.

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Mausi Maaa or Ardhasini Temple

Situated almost on the midway of the grand road, it is a small temple of the Goddess Ardhasini. She is also called Mausi Maa(the mother's sister) of Lord Jagannath. On the return car festival day, 'Pooda Pitha'(one kind of cake) bhog is offered to Jagannath on behalf of this temple.

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Alam Chandi Temple

It is situated in the Kumbharapada area and connected with the Saptapuri, Makar Sankranti and Nava Kalevara rituals of the Jagannath temple.

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Astha Sambhu Temple

Located in the premises of 'shyama Kali' temple in Bali Sahi, it is told that Raja(ruler) of Odisha installed these eight Lingas in order to get himself recovered from a serious suffering and ultimately he was cured.

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Sunar Gauranga Temple

The temple of Sunar Gauranga or Golden Gauranga is located in the North-Eastern direction of the S.E.R. Hotel and near to the Chakratirtha. The Lord Gauranga of Chaitanya group is being worshipped here.

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Tota Gopinath Temple

In this Ashram, Rashikananda Goswami used to worship the idol of Sri Krishna. The temple has beautiful sculptures of Krishna in serene pastoral surroundings. According to 'Madalapanji' this temple was built by Prachanda Keshari.

Narayani Temple

Situated in Dolamandapa street. During the durga Puja for sixteen days in the month of Ashwina, the images of Durga & Madhava from Srimandir visit this temple for a period of eight days.

Charchika Temple

Situated near the Sri Jagannath temple office on the grand road.The carpenters and bhoi sevaka worship this Goddess at the time of the construction of chariots.

Kanaka Durga Temple

It is in the premises of the present srinahar(palace) of the Maharaja, in front of the Sri Jagannath temple office. Certain materials for preparation of bhog for the deities of these temples are supplied by the Sri Jagannath temple administration. The deities of these temple are the home deities of Gajapati Maharaja.

Jayaadurga Temple

Situated near the Narendra tank. The expenses for the daily and periodical bhog of the Goddess in borne entirely by the Sri Jagannath temple administration.

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