A small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in Tiadi Sahi of Puri. This temple known as Astasambhu temple. In local language 'Asta' means 'Eight' and 'Sambhu' is another name of Lord Shiva. Astasambhu temple houses a cluster of eight Shiva lingas made of precious stones. Each one of them is of a different colour. Some are white while some are red and black. Thus they are very attractive to devotees. The Shivalingas appear different in colour when looked at from different directions. Due to the reflection of the Sun their colour changes. These eight shiva lingas are named after different names of Lord Shiva such as Markandeswar, Yajneswara, Nilakantheswara, Vilveswara, Kapalamochana, Baleswara, Isaneswara and Pataleswara.

This is another ancient temple connected with the Puri kings. It is said that Asta Sambhu cured once the ancient king from a fatal disease. As per the legend, the Shivalingas here are ones that were captured when the kings defeated opposing kingdoms. The Asta sambhu temple is a small temple on the campus of the Sri Sri Radha Rasik Raj temple. These are the family deities of Maharaja Prataprarudra and were worshiped even before the time of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Also in this temple are Gaura Nitai deities that were personally installed by Maharaja Prataprarudra.

Astasambhu Temple Photo Gallary

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