The tower is pancharatha in plan.The ground plan is a square of 80 feet and the height is 192 feet from Upana.The tower starts from a plinth of 5 feet 2 inches in height.The height of the Jangha is 11 feet. The Sardula between the Konark and anuratha-pages is a figure of lion standing over a crouchant elephant with its head turned back.The spiral structure (Vimana) consists of several sections super imposed one over the other tapering to the top where the great amalakasila and kalasa are placed.The amalakasila is meant to keep the structure properly balanced.The huge lions and other deities which occur below the amalakasila is serve as the support so that it will remain in its proper position.The outer faces of the tower are carved with the figures of the deities of the Hindu patheon.The heads of Asura are met with on the vertificial bands of the Jangha of the tower.

Lord Jagannath Temple

On the three sides-north,south and west of the tower are three two-storyed pidha temples meant as Jagamohana to the niches of the rahapages containing the figures of the parswa-devatas,Bamana,Baraha and Nursimha respectively.

Above the spire the famous Nilachakra is placed which is supposed to be made of Astadhatu (eight different metals).

In the garbha gruha there is a raised platform known as Ratnavedi or Mahavedi.It is 16 feet long,13 feet wide and 4 feet high.On this raised platform the images of Balabhadra,Subhadra and Jagannath are seated from left to right.The emblem Sudarsan is placed on the left of Lord Jagannath. Nilamadhaba ( a small image of Jagannath),Shri Devi ( a golden image of Lakshmi) and Bhudevi ( a silver image os Saraswati) have also taken their seats on the Ratnavedi(Sri Devi on the left side of Bhudevi on the right side of Jagannath.Nilamadhaba is on the back side of Shri Devi).So,this is also known as Sapta Barna Pitha.Sufficient space has been left around the Ratnavedi for the devotess to perform circum-ambulation.

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