Jagannth Puri is also famous for its Sakta temples. There are several temples in Puri dedicated to Sakta Goddesses like Ramachandi, Harachandi, DakshinaKali, Shyamakali, etc. There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Varahi at Bali Sahi. Tourists can approach the temple by using the road leading towards Swargadwar from Singhadwar (Lion's Gate) of Lord Jagannath Temple, there is a diversion to Bali Sahi. After enetring this lane you can reach Varahi lane, the temple is situated on the left side of the Varahi lane.

Varahi Temple is facing towards north and the presiding deity is Goddess Varahi. The deity is made of black chlorite stone and has four arms. She is holding a bowl in her upper left hand, a fish in upper right hand. The lower left hand holds a child on her lap and the lower right hand is in abhaya mudra. Goddess Varahi is offered non-vegiterian food, particularly fish everyday.

As per the local tradition the deity Varahi is one of the guardian deities of Lord Jagannath temple. Festivals like Durga Puja, Navapatrika Puja, Sola Puja, Sitalsasthi etc are observed in this temple with great devotion.

The inner walls of the temple are decorated with various paintings like Vimala, Bagala, Mahalaxmai, Nilasaraswati, Bhubanesweari, Sodasi, Dhumavati, Chhinamasta and Shyamakali. In the eastern wall of the temple houses images of Lord Hanuman and Goddess Mangala. In the northern wall there is an image of Goddess Saptamatrika. There are six images on both sides of the entrance of the inner sanctum, these images are Simhamukhi, Ganga, Varahi, Vyagramukhi, Ganesa and Yamuna.

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