Although Puri has been recognized as a great centre of Vaisnavism, it is also recognized as a sakti pitha. The literal meaning of Sakti is power (Power of the Goddess) and pitha is the seat. There are several sakta temples located in different sahis of Puri. Puri has typical sahi culture. 'Sahi' means a particular area or street or lane. Various sahis are located in different parts of Puri and almost all sahis are named after the presiding deity of that sahi. There is a sahi known as Harachandi sahi to the west of Lord Jagannth temple. There is a temple dedicated to Goddess Harachandi in Harachandi sahi. She is the presiding deity of Harachandi sahi. The temple is located on the left side of the Harachandi Sahi road leading from Jameswara Siva temple to Dhipa Jaga. Local people also called this temple as Dhipa Jaga Harachandi Temple.

The Harachandi Temple is facing towards the north and the presiding deity is a ten armed Mahisasuramardini Durga killing the buffalo demon. Harachandi is considered as one of the Asta Chandis (Eight Chandis) of Puri. The other seven are Vimala, Ramachandi, Vaseli, Varahi, Alamchandi, Dakshina Chandi and Jhadeswari. Harchandi has been depicted in Tantra sashtra as one of the protector Chandis of Shreekhetra and one of the powerful Sakta Goddess of Puri. Festivals like Navaratri, Durga Puja, Chaitra Mangala Bara etc. are observed in this temple with great devotion. From the architectural point of view the temple is not so important but from the religious point of view, it occupies an important position in the cultural history of Puri.

Harachandi Temple Photo Gallary

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