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General Tips

  • The standard time in Puri is GMT + 5 ½ Hours
  • Govt of Odisha tourist offices are availbale at Railway station, Jagannath Temple, Sea Beach, Bus Stand and also in various tourist destinations.
  • The summer is very hot and humid at Puri. Do carry sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and a hat. Current Weather at Puri
  • The winter is not too cold at Puri. Do carry light winter clothes with you.
  • You will find beggers in all tourist destinations, it is not mandatory to help them, try to avoid them as far as possible. Do not let them hassle you, and do not encourage them by giving them money.
  • Change currency only from official money changers.
  • Cyber cafes with Internet facility is available in some places of puri. Ask help for tke local people to find one.
  • Always respect religious shrines and places of worship.
  • Non Hindus are not allowed to enter into Lord Jagannath Temple. More rules of Jagannath Temple
  • In case of any trouble, immediately contact the nearest police station.
  • Make sure to remove your footwear when visiting a place of worship. All most all temples in Puri will not even allow you to carry leather articles like wallet, belt etc inside. You can deposit them in the temple shoe stand and collect it on your way out.

Safety Tips

  • While travelling in/to various tourist places of/around Puri in local buses, trains etc. be aware of pick poketers and snatchers. Though it is not a frequent activity but many cases reported every year. Never leave your luggage, briefcase or other items unattended.
  • Don’t keep your wallet in the rear pocket. Keep it in an inside jacket pocket or side trouser pocket.
  • All valuables and important papers (jewelry, passports, return tickets, etc) should be kept in your hotel's safe deposit box. Never leave them unattended in your room. Avoid carrying large sums of cash on your person.
  • Don’t take the advice of taxi drivers for the purpose of accommodation.
  • You should be aware of the local laws and customs prevailing in India. This will help in making your trip hassle free.
  • Never ever purchase air/ rail/ bus tickets through strangers or unauthorized travel agents/ tour operators, also known as touts. They are not at all reliable. Buy tickets from the authorized centers only.


The local language of Puri is Odia. The official language of India is Hindi. The States are free to decide their own regional languages. Bengali is also widely spoken in Puri.

Some Important Phrases

English Odia
Hi or Hello Namaskar
Please Daya Kari
Thank You Dhanyabad
Yes Haan
No Nahin
Where can I find Kauthi miliba
I am from Denmark Mu Denmark ru aasichi
Is this very far Kana seta bahuta dura
How much is this Eita Kete tanka
How are you? Aapana kimiti achanti?
Sorry Mu dukhita
Ok Theek achi
What? Kana?
Where? Kauthi?
How? Kimiti?
When? Kebe?
Who? Kiye?
Why? Kahinki?
What is the price? Eta kete Tanka?
I don't understand Mu bujhi parilini
What is your name? Aapana kan na kana?
My name is Mo na...
Right Dahana
Left Ban


English Odia
One Ek
Two Dui
Three Teeni
Four Chaari
Five Paanch
Six Cha
Seven Saat
Eight Aath
Nine Nau
Ten Das
One hundred Sahe
Two hundred Duisa

Tourist Guides

  • Govt. approved english speaking guides are available at fixed charges at all important tourist centres. The Govt. of Odisha tourist Offices can be contacted by tourists for the services of approved guides. Please consult the nearest Govt. of Odisha tourist Office. Unapproved guides are also available in most tourist places, but it is advised to ask the guides for the identity card.
  • While visiting religious places, hire guides very cautiously. They may take you to unnecessary places and crooks posing as Sadhus or Yogis to extract money out of you. Stick to the places you know and let the guide lead you.
  • Fix the amount to be given to the guide in advance only. Apart from the fixed amount, you can also give some extra tip to the guide if he has provided you with good services.
  • Hire guides authorized by the Indian government as far as possible. Try to avoid private guides. They may try to fleece you.

Health and Medication

  • Avoid drinking water from an unknown source. When in doubt purchase Bisleri, Kinley, Aqua Fina etc mineral water bottles from any shop.
  • Even when you are visiting restaurants or hotels, insist on bottled (mineral) water. You will not face much trouble as almost all the restaurants and hotels keep bottled water.
  • You can find vendors selling fresh cocunut water every where in puri, If you like it then drink it in stead of water as it is safe, pure and good for health.
  • Avoid foods that have been laid out in the open, avoid sweets and candies from local markets. Try and avoid spicy food, especially if you’re not used to it. Enjoy your food inside the hotels and restaurants.List of Restaurants at puri
  • Pharmacies or chemists are available in every place of Puri. In case you need to consult a doctor, ask for help from your hotel (most have doctors on call) or go to any hospital/clinic. List of Hospitals and chemists at Puri
  • Never forget to carry your essential medication with you. The brand names can differ and your specific brand of medication may not be available in Puri.
  • Never eat cut fruits sold by the roadside vendors. Always eat fruits you can peel. Wash the fruits properly with water well before eating them.
  • Sun in Puri can be ruthless in the summer months. Keep a good sunscreen lotion and sun block cream to avoid sun damages.

Local Transportation

  • Taxis(cabs) are not always available for local transport, but you will find Auto Rikshaws(3 wheelers) and Cycle Rikshaws(man driven 3 wheeler) plently every where in Puri and this is the most convenient way for local transport.
  • If you want to hire taxi then ask for the quotation to various travel agents as the rates are always vary.Please negotiate the rate before commencing your journey.
  • Don't accept an offer to share a taxi to your destination unless you know the individual and the taxi driver.
  • ln case of complaints against taxi or auto rickshaw for overcharging or cheating, note down the number of the vehicle and lodge a report with local Police station. You can get the Contact Phone Nos in Telephone Directory.


  • Voltage in Puri is 220 volts AC. The electric socket used is 2 or 3 round pin type. If you have any eletronics items those will not work with this voltage then don't forget to bring the appropriate converter with you, as it is very difficult to find it in Puri.


  • Puri is known all over the world for its arts and handicrafts. Shopping is recommended from Govt. approved shops available on the list of the Department of Odisha Tourism. All these shops have fixed prices and the quality is certified. Information on these shops can be obtained from your agent and hotel. In small shops bargaining is a standard practise, and is enjoyed by all concerned. While Shopping avoid touts and brokers. More on Shopping at Puri


  • Currency: Rupee = 100 Paise.
  • Coins are in denominations of 25 & 50 Paisa & l, 2 & 5 Rupees.
  • Notes are in denominations of Rs 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000.

Indian Quotation Amount International Quotation Odia Quotation
1 Lakh 100,000.00 100 Thousands Ek Lakhya
10 Lakhs 1,000,000.00 1 Million Dus Lakhya
1 Crore 10,000,000.00 10 Million Ek Koti
10 Crores 100,000,000.00 100 Million Dus Koti
100 Crores 1,000,000,000.00 1 Billion Sahe Koti

Credit Cards

  • All international credit cards such as American Express, Master and Visa credit cards are generally accepted by large establishments including hotels, large shops and other commercial establishments including the tour operators. However, the smaller shops still prefer cash and it is advisable to always carry some Indian currency notes and coins.

Emergency Numbers

  • Police : 100
  • Fire : 101
  • Ambulance : 102
  • Railway Eneuiry : 131
  • Telephone Directory : 197

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