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Raghavadas Matha

This matha is located near the south gate of the temple. It supplies tahia for four festivals, namely Snana Purnim, Ratha Yatra, Return Ratha Yatra and Niladribije. It also provides part of the Hati Vesha, tuli for pahandi and an amount of sandalwood for Sarbhanga neeti on Khalilagi ekadasi and flower garlands for Nabanka bedha. In addition, Raghava Das Math offers adhara pana bhoga and Panti bhoga on specific festival days.

Mangu & Bauli Matha

There are two mathas,viz., Bauli and Mangu which are connected with Sikh religion. Mangu matha was the place of stay for this religious Master, Sri Nanak.Mangu matha is located in front of Radhavallabha matha and Bauli matha, where the Grantha Saheb, The Holy Scripture of the Sikhs is worshipped, is located in Swargadwar.

Haridas Matha

This matha is connected with the sweet memory of a non-hindu saint Haridas who, after coming to Puri, turned to be a great devotee of Lord Jagannath.

Ramdas Matha

Connected with the historic memory of 'Ramdas' the spiritual master of great Chahatrapati Shivaji, who stayed in this place during his visit to Puri.

Gopal Tirtha Matha

This matha supplies the requirements for the Hativesha of the deities, Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra during Snana yatra.

Kavir Chaura Matha

This matha is located in Swargadwar. Kabir, the great devotee and poet, stayed in this matha during his visit to Puri.

Suna Goswami Matha

This math provides ornaments made from flowers like alaka and chausara during Chandan Yatra . It makes majanaof ratnavedi at the time of banaklagi, provides adhibas jala from the well of Sitala for Snana Purnima, and offers panti bhoga to Dola Gobinda at the time of Agni Utscaba. The Mahanta of the Suna Goswami Math is also the Mahanta of the Darpa Narayana Math.

Kothabhoga Matha and Mahabir Matha

The Mahantas of these two maths (as well as a few others) are entitled to do Upachara Chamara Seva, but they seldom do. These maths are controlled by the State Endowment Commissioner.

Chaulia Matha and Delhi Balak Ram Das Matha

These two maths are under the control of the Jagannath TempleManaging Committee. The Delhi Balak Ram Das Math is located near the Gundicha Mandir.

Bada Chhata Matha

Located near the Lion Gate, this math performs kirtan during Mangala Arati, Pahuda Arati and Bala Dhup. They do the Padma Vesha and offer Kshira Bhog.

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