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Ghumser Matha

Located in Marchikota lane, associated with the memory of Kavi samrat Upendra Bhanja, for whom the Odia literature has been highly enriched. It is told that the poet himself installed the images of Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita in this matha, which are being worshipped here.

Radhavallabh Matha

Located in front of the main gate of Jagannath temple and connected with the historic advent of Acharya Nimarka, a great philosopher of the country.

Emar Matha

To commemorate the name of Ramanujacharya who was also called 'embadium' his disciple Srinivascharya named his Ashram as Embar matha. Later Srinivascharya was called Emar or manmatha by Ramanujacharya and hence its present name Emar matha. This matha is loceted in front of the Lion's gate of Jagannath temple. The Vaisnava mathas belonging to different sampradayas or subsects of the clut are numerous at Puri, of which Emar and Raghavadas are supposed to be the richest.

Radhakanta Matha

In a small room of this matha lived Sri Chaitanya for twelve years. The personal belongings of Sri Chaitanya such as a staff, wooden sandal, kamandalu (waterpot) and bed etc. have been carefully preserved in this matha. For all vaishnava devotees of the world, this matha is of a great inspiration and encouragement. Chanting of Mahamantra by the inmates of the matha round the clock is the special feature of this matha.

Sidha Bakula Matha

This was the ashram of Bakreswari Pandit, who lived during the time of Sri Chaitanya. There is a huge Bakula tree in the premises of the matha which is devoid of leaves and branches with no stem but only barks. The trunk of the tree is hollow.

Nandinee Matha

Located in Markendeswar sahi, it is believed that Meerabai, the famous devotional poetess of India, stayed here during her visit to Puri. The special attraction of this matha is the beautiful image of 'Lord Sri Krishna' preserved here.

Satalahadi Matha

Located in the Swargadwar area and connected with the sweet memory of Jagannath Das, the great devotional poet of Odia literature, whose magnum opus, the 'Bhagabata' is being worshipped and chanted every nook and corner of Odisha as a scripture of spiritual symbols. It is believed that at the request of Jagannath Das, the great devotee of Lord Jagannath, the sea (Bay of Bengal) receded by seven waves and provided the saint a peaceful and tranquil place for his constant meditation.That is why the name of this matha is termed as Sata (seven) lahadi (waves).

Dasavatara Matha

This matha is located in front of the main gate of the Gundicha temple. In this matha, we find ten incarnations of Lord Krishna, as described by Jayadeva in Gita Govidam, which are carved on the walls. It is believed that Bhakta Kavi Jayadeva used to stay in this matha during His visit to Puri.

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