Navakalevara - Information about the Ritual
Navakalevara - Collection of Daru (Wood) for new Deities
Navakalevara - Cutting of Daru (wood) for new Deities
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Navakalevara - Carving of new Deities & Burial of old Deities


After matching of all prerequisites, the rituals including homa (fire sacrifice) is performed there to invite all demigods to give their blessings and cutting of the tree can start. First only the golden axe can touch the tree, then silver and after that iron axe can finish the work. 108 names of the Lord are chanted continuously. A small cart with four wheels is made out of smaller branches of every tree and the main trunks of the trees are transported on these carts to Jagannath Temple Puri. The Darus are ritualistically bathed and surrounded with silky clothes before transportation. As popularly believed, it is not permissible to look at uncovered Daru because viewing a Daru in that state is considered as a great sin. The cart loaded with Daru is pulled all the way by the devotees of the villages it passes through. The transportation of the Darus to Jagannath Temple Puri is taken up in the following order

  • Sri Sudarshan
  • Lord Balabhadra
  • Goddess Subhadra
  • Lord Jagannath

At the entrance of Puri town there is a temple known as Alam Chandi temple . The carts loaded with the sacred Daru (wooden logs) are brought into Puri via the road in front of Alam Chandi temple. It is believed that Alam Chandi is supreme to sanctify the logs so that no harm is done at the time of shaping them to form the figures of the three deities. As per the tradition, after getting agnyamala (permission) from Goddess Alam Chandi the carts with Sacred wood enters into Puri and pulled all the way to reach the Jagannath Temple. The wood enters the Jagannath temple through its northen gate before the scheduled date of Annual Bathing Ceremony of the Deities (Devasnana Purnima). The woods are kept in the Koili Baikuntha, situated in the northwest corner of the Temple. It is the place where the old deities will be buried and the new ones made. The sacred Daru are kept here in the same carts in which they are fetched to the Temple. On the day of Snana Purnima, the old deities receive the ceremonial bath on Snana Mandap and the Darus also receive the ritual bath along with the old deities on the same day. One the next day of Snana Purnima, according to the pre-defined procedure, they are finally moved to the Nirman Mandap after special Puja offered by Pati Mahapatra.

Fire sacrifice (Homa) is performed in front of the tree
Cutting of the tree

Daitapati carrying the log back to Puri

Following table provides the details of the places from where the sacred Neem trees cut for the Deities in previous Navakalevaras.

Year Log of Deities Place District
Sudarshana Fatigarh Puri
Subhadra Polar Mahar, Udaypur Puri
Balabhadra Niali Hat Cuttack
Jagannath Prataprudrapur Nuashai -
Sudarshana Deuli Matha, Kakatpur Puri
Subhadra Niali Cuttack
Balabhadra Sattyikpur -
Jagannath Gabapara -
Sudarshana Dalaipur Cuttack
Subhadra Nuahat Puri
Balabhadra Kodadasha, Banamalipur Puri
Jagannath Delang, Kanpur Cuttack
Sudarshana Shore of Dhanua River Puri
Subhadra Shore of Kandla River Cuttack
Balabhadra Bhakarsahi Puri
Jagannath Shore of Champaghar stream Khurdha
Sudarshana Singh Sahi, Niali Cuttack
Subhadra Shore of Luna River Puri
Balabhadra Shoreof Kandala River Cuttack
Jagannath Raichakradharpur Puri
Sudarshana Ranimal, Niali Cuttack
Subhadra Maldagram, Astaranga Puri
Balabhadra Ramakrushnapur,Salepur Cuttack
Jagannath Dadhimacha Gadia Khurdha

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