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I belong to the Holy city of Lord Jagannath 'PURI'. Shreekhetra.com is a small Web Site for the rest of the World but for me it's a dream comes true. The very day I entered into the IT Industry, I have decided to develop a Web Site based on my favourite Lord 'Lord Jagannath' and my favourite city 'Puri'. I don't want to be a great person but I want to make my own identity. It's just the one of the dream out of many I have tried to fulfill.

Today Where I am? and What I am?, due to the blessings of my Lord Jagannath. The entire project is dedicated to 'Lord Jagannath'. I don't know Who are You? and Where are You?, but give me a reply which confirms me that there are still culture and tradition loving people exists in this materialistic world.

I refer a lot of articles in various books of Odisha for the contents of this website. Many many Thanks to those great writers of Odisha who published their valuable articles regarding LORD JAGANNATH, Jagannath Temple and Puri in various publications. In many pages I have used the exact articles, as it is worthless to change the wordings and writings of those great writers. I Thank to all of my friends and family members for their help and support to make it a success.

It's my sincere effort to expose the holy city of Lord Jagannath and to make it more popular to the whole World. I have not covered each and everything about Puri and Lord Jagannath in this website as it is impossible to do so, If you have any contents or any information which you want to add to this website then kindly forward it to me in text format, If I like the information then I promise I will add it to shreekhetra.com

Another request to all the viewers of Shreekhetra.com to add this website to your favorites by using the link on top of every page as there are so many spellings of Shreekhetra and also it's difficult to remember.

Jai Jagannath

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