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Lord Jagannath

'Jagat' means the Universe and 'Nath' means the Lord. Jointly Jagannath means the Lord of the Universe. Jagat is mobility, flux, dynamic and all these are the interplay of prakruti or shakti. Jagannath therefore is Prakruti-Yukta-Purusa. A nation is known by its inherent splendours, Odisha's crowning glory is Lord Jagannath....

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Puri, The Holy City

Puri the spiritual capital of the State is popularly known as Shreekhetra. 'Shree' means 'Mahalaxmi', the consort of Lord Jagannatha and 'Khetra' means land / kingdom. So Puri is the kingdom of Mahalaxmi who happens to be the goddess of wealth, beauty and prosperity. Any one who comes to this land never remains.....

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Sun Temple of Konark

The Sun temple of Konark, commonly known as the 'BLACK PAGODA' to the modern world, built in the middle of 13th century is a massive conception of artistic magnificence and engineering dexterity. Designed in the form of a gorgeously decorated chariot mounted on twenty-four wheels and drawn by seven mighty horses....

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Lord Jagannath Temple

The Odishan temple architecture which made an humble beginning before the sixth century A.D. had reached its pinnacle of perfection by the time the temple of Jagannath was built. Built in the 12th century A.D. by Chodagangadeva, the present temple is of monumental magnitude. The temple makes Puri one of the Dhama.....

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Car Festival

The Car Festival (Ratha Yatra) of Lord Jagannath at Puri is the greatest festival of the year which is celebrated on the second day of the bright fortnight in the month of Asadha(June-July). It commemorates the journey of Lord Krishna from Gokul to Mathura. Car festival of Puri, has gained international fames today and the name .....

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Sea Beach

Puri, situated on the eastern sea-bed of India, is the only most popular sea-side resort where the beauty of the sky in radiant colours, the roaring waves and the golden beach can be experienced. The beach is very wide and exposed and there's not a scrap of shade to be found. Odishan fishermen, wearing conical straw hats, guide bathers .....

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Chilika Lake

Lake Chilika, the queen of natural scenery in Odisha, also known as the Swiss-Lake in the continent. South-west of puri, the lake is dotted with a number of islands. With the advent of winter, varieties of migratory birds and water-fowls gather here in large numbers. The shallow lake is about 70km long and averages 15km wide.....

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Raghurajpur Pattachitra

Raghurajpur, a small village in Puri district, occupies a unique place in the cultural map of India. The village is inhabited by artisans producing sheer poetry on pieces of treated cloth, dried palm leaf or paper. Situated on the southern bank of river Bhargavi and surrounded by coconut, palm, mango, jackfruit groves and other....

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Applique of Pipili

Puri has a very wide & distinctive selection of handicrafts. Best known is probably the gorgeous applique work of Pipili. Pipili is on the way from puri to bhubaneswar. It is fourty kilometres from puri, at the junction where the konark road branches from the bhubaneswar to puri road. Each and every family of the village....

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